‘Epic Meltdown’ DLC for Tropico 5 available now on PlayStation®4

‘Epic Meltdown’, the new DLC bundle pack for Tropico 5, is available now on the PlayStation®4 via the PlayStation®Store, serving up a trio of new and exciting scenarios, along with a range of additional buildings and avatar items. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but in ‘Inquisition’, El Presidente goes as far as to invite them to save Tropico’s tormented soul. In ‘The Supercomputer’, El Presidente seeks ultimate knowledge and the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Finally, in order to convince the world of Tropico’s cultural superiority once and for all, ‘T-Day’ tasks you to direct the greatest movie of all time, to put all others ever made to shame.

Check out a selection of screenshots for Tropico 5 ‘Epic Meltdown’ for a look at all the new features on offer. Alongside the new scenarios, dictators can further develop their islands with new buildings, explore three new maps, enjoy new atmospheric pieces of music and enhance the visual appearance of their avatars and dynasties with a selection of new accessories.

Features of the ‘Epic Meltdown’ DLC bundle:

  • 3 new single player scenarios with a new story and new assignments
  • 3 new buildings for all game modes: the Inquisition, Supercomputer and the Fortress
  • 3 new avatar items: Inquisitor’s Hat, Headphones and World War Helmet
  • 3 new maps: Cobao, Isla del Rey and Becouya
  • 3 new pieces of music and new dialogues with additional voice acting

The ‘Epic Meltdown’ DLC bundle for Tropico 5 is out now on PlayStation®4 via the PlayStation®Store for £6.49/€7.99/$9.99.