It’s “Trouble in Paradise” in New Tropico 4 Gold Video

It’s not enough that El Presidente, the glorious leader of the island nation of Tropico, must face the challenges of creating a modern metropolis and supplying his citizens with basic needs! In Tropico 4 Gold Edition, the upcoming city-builder from Kalypso, the newly elected leader must also contend with all sorts of naturally occurring events, including volcanoes, oil spills, earthquakes and more. In Tropico 4 Gold, you, as El Presidente, will decide on how to handle these challenges – will you go the “money is no object” route, spending your treasury on aid, or will you take a more hands-off approach, saving the cash for your personal Swiss bank account?

How you deal with these challenges, all while crafting your own island paradise, are decisions you’ll make as you play Tropico 4 Gold Edition on either the the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft or Windows PC.