Tropico 4 Gold Edition Gets Ready for Retail

El Presidente, the beloved leader of the island nation of Tropico, is pleased to announce that his latest city-building venture, Tropico 4 Gold Edition, has “gone gold” and will arrive in stores on November 13. Tropico 4 Gold Edition for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC, contains both the much lauded city-builder, Tropico 4 and its beloved (and award-winning) expansion, Modern Times. For the first time ever, Tropico 4 and Modern Times will be available on a disk, making it easier than ever for Xbox 360 owners to enjoy the hilarious adventures of El Presidente and his bumbling minister of (mis)Communication, Penultimo, as they struggle to build their backwater island into a world superpower. It’s all or nothing in the world of Tropico, as you’ll have to negotiate with global superpowers, manage disasters, fend off revolutions, manage your nation’s finances and keep your Swiss bank account full!