‘Waterborne’ Expansion For Tropico 5 PS4 Out Now

El Presidente is fed up of the boring soil of dry-land and now his latest initiative takes the island of Tropico into the great frontier of the deep blue sea. Prepare to explore a brand new industry and reap the rewards of innovation, as ‘Waterborne’, the first major expansion for the PS4 version of infamous city-builder/political sim Tropico 5, is out now to download via the PlayStation® Store. Whatever type of Presidente you are, ‘Waterborne’ challenges players to expand their nation into the unknown waters of adventurous opportunity and fully harness the power of the ocean. Develop an exotic housing market with luxury floating apartments and do your bit for the good of the planet by constructing eco-friendly wave power sources. Or use the sea as another armed front for your empowering military force and bolster the army with a fearsome naval presence.

Check a selection of screenshots for Tropico 5 ‘Waterborne’ here for a look at the water-based game mechanics and content features included in the expansion such as water traffic, larger coastal areas, new events and lots of buildings to make use of.